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The decision to implement Agile within an organization can be a difficult one to make. The impact on the workplace culture is guaranteed to be significant. And for the business leader relying on the trained agilists working for them, the experience is often uncertain and unpredictable. The jargon is confusing, the data is conflicting, and the situation looks less like progress and more like chaos. In this environment, making good decision becomes increasingly more difficult.

Unfortunately, the usual "solution" is to send management to the same Agile training that the knowledge workers have attended. For a long list of reasons, this invariably causes more harm than good. There are some things about Agile that management needs to know, but not to the same level that the knowledge workers need to know Agile.

What business leaders need are a new set of skills and tools for how to manage in an Agile work environment.

Knowing how to manage the larger dynamic system of human communication and relationships is essential to making quality decisions, quickly assessing the results, and staying on course. By providing guidance and training for systems thinking in Agile environments, I help position business leaders for success as they work to implement Agile within their organization.

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